Cardiff Half 2014

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Another year and another Cardiff half completed by Team PPF aka Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales! 22 runners took part in the annual cardiff half marathon this year from seasoned PPF runners to new members, injured runners and those striving for a PB! Whatever their personal aim the team had a joint goal…to raise awareness and funds for the PPF. They all domed running tops sponsored by Mustard Training and Saiard Network and by Christmas as a team they would have raised over £2000. Half will go to The Welsh Kidney patients association who will administer applications for renal patient welfare and half will go towards our current and future projects for Morriston Hospital Renal Unit, all of which to revealed in the New Year.

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Sport and Running has been a consistent theme for raining money for our cause, mainly due to our patron saints ethos of maintaining a level of fitness for a better quality of life. Paul Popham himself was an avid sportsman, playing and managing his beloved St Jospehs and his team fondly known as Wallys Babs and running and swimming whenever he could, taking part in the British Trasnplant games when he had his kidney transplant. He would be honoured that his ethos is carried throughout the charities fundraising efforts and proud as punch off every single persons efforts.

And our teams personal efforts are:

Matthew Popham -Paul’s Son, just had a new born baby and despite lack of training and sleepless nights rocked up at the start and stormed the course
Jayne Smith – seasoned PPF Team Member….has been with the team from the start and this year came in as the 1st lady in for Team PPF well done and not only that her new company Mustard Training sponsored the race tops with Saiard Networks
Richard Jones – a family friend took part in his 1st half and did a personal best that die hards would have been proud of and took 1st prize as the first man in for team PPF
Kathryn Jones – Ricahrds wife-rocked an amazing time with zero training and only purchasing new trainers in June this year-one to watch!
Rachel Griffiths – ‘never gives up’ a seasoned team member who has a busy work schedule and has had to sacrifice training sessions yet despite injury and lack of training turned up and finished in style
Becca Laugharne – our legal expert…legally ran her 1st half in a respectable time and is ‘on it’ to continue to gain a PB every year

Cath Ball – a fitness fanatic and triathlete was disappointed in her race this year but is determined not to give up….has competed in countless events this year-well done Cath

Christine Williams – another fitness fanatic and triathlete thoroughly enjoyed the course and loved the race….I believe a PB was achieved

Jason Edwards – another seasoned team PPF member enjoyed the race despite his co-runnwr being injured however he was supported by his cheer leaders who we just know will be running with us next year!

Marc Fenton and Mark Wilkes – well what can we say! Again seasoned PPF team members did absolutely ZERO training sand decided to go out in style aka Batman and Boywonder! They were awesome put a smile on team PPF before the race and Mr Mark Wilkes looked so dabber in his Robin outfit he won best dressed runner! Yep £100 for a pair of Brookes trainers…….a pb next year we think

Mr and Mrs Lewis…Becky and Lewi…….were awesome supporting each other around the 13.1 course, Becky’s first race….not a 5k or a 10k but a half marathon with only 7 miles in the tank! AMAZING!

Cardiff Totty aka….Peter Cookson, Sadie Clark and Sarah Brown….ropped in a week before the race wore their tops with pride 

Emyr Evans – the gentle quiet young man who has supported the team year on year, came along with team Emyr for support! Well Done Emyr

We all met bright and early at Novotel Hotel for our annual team photo and headed off to the start line together, waiting for the race to start in the rain and freezing cold. And then it starts, off we go, each off doing their own thing to get rond the 13.1 miles supported by PPF Cheer Leaders around the course, Claire Popham, Rhian Ppham, Tereen and Chris Jones and Bernie Wilkes! And after we showered and changed we all headed for lunch at Nootel Hotel for a de-brief, thanks from PPF and announcement of the winning lady and man-Jayne Smith and Richard Jones! But in our books every single one of the runners are winners. 

Whatever their personal aim, everyone of the runners came together on the day for one joint goal to raise awareness of the Paul Popham Fund and raise money to support renal patients in Wales and fro that alone they are all winers! Thank you all!

If you would like to join us next year please get in touch now, ring: 0333 2001 285 Email:

What do you get by joining team PPF:

  1. Support with your personal aim
  2. Training schedule
  3. Group training sessions
  4. Motivation
  5. Fundrasiing support
  6. A group of wonderful people 
  7. And a smile knowing that every penny you raise goes directly towards supporting Renal Patients in Wales achieve a better quality of life
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