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The Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales would like to thank Jamie  Bowen, a kidney transplant patient from Resolven who, through his company Chevron Traffic Management Ltd who are part of the Triton Investment group donated £3,416 to the charity to support it’s Befriending Service that provides peer to peer support to kidney patients in South Wales.

Jamie Bowen was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2017, he was informed his treatment options were dialysis or a transplant, with no hope of a transplant at that time he opted for Unit based Heamo Dialysis and went on a transplant list. Jamie went from being a very active person, enjoying cycling and walking to becoming very inactive due to the treatment, having dialysis 3 times a week would make him very tired with little or no energy or time to get out and be active.

Jamie met, Geoff Crowther, from Derbyshire through twitter in 2016 who also enjoyed walking, they became good friends. When Geoff heard that Jamie had kidney failure and could see his health deteriorate he spoke to his wife about being a live donor, his wife agreed, he did some research and then spoke to Jamie. In February 2019 Jamie had a kidney transplant thanks to his good friend Geoff.

Jamie works for Chevron Traffic Management Ltd, who are part of Triton and annually Triton  operates a group-wide competition based on good corporate governance enabling the winning company  to win €15,000. Jamie, on behalf of Chevron entered and won. As a result he decided to donate kidney charities, one of which was the Paul Popham Fund.

Joanne Popham, CEO of the Paul Popham Fund said, ‘I was humbled to hear Jamie’s story and followed him on twitter regularly. In June this year he contacted me out of the blue to say his company would be donating money to the charity. Obviously I was blown away and asked to meet Jamie for a coffee. We chatted and spoke about his illness and his wonderful story. We are so thrilled to receive this kind donation which will go towards our Befriending Service and I am even more delighted that Jamie will be joining the Befriending team to support other kidney patients, Jamie is such an inspiration and will offer so much support to other kidney patients. As you can imagine raising funds is the hardest part to running a charity and in the current economic climate it is tough, donations like this go a long way to supporting our cause, we thank Jamie and his team at Chevron Traffic Management Ltd’.

Tim Cockayne, CEO of Chevron Traffic Management Limited: “Kidney disease has affected some of our employees over the years, so it’s a cause we’re happy to support.  The Befriending service offered by the Paul Popham Fund is a great way of supporting people, so they can come to terms with this life-changing disease, and we’re happy to see these funds being used to extend that service further.”

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