Family Team Building Activity Day

Last Sunday we held a family team building activity day in Cardiff which was open to paediatric renal patients and their families.

The event was designed to include a range of fun activities for all participants but most importantly the opportunity to meet with people going through similar experiences in order shares their challenges.

To encourage open and honest conversation as a stepping stone to mutual support, the guests were encouraged to talk about their first-hand experiences and how they were coping and feeling.

The event was funded from monies raised by the charities Swansea Half Marathon Team who raised over £3000 for the charity.

Says Joanne Popham, Manager at Paul Popham Renal Support Wales, “This is the first family team building day we have held for paediatric renal patients which included their families.   We have learned at first hand through the charity that it’s not just the young patients who need support outside of medical care but their parents and siblings too.

“The aim of our peer group sessions was to help everyone involved in the care of young renal patients to understand how we can extend our support to the wider family by evaluating the issues, concerns and feelings of these groups.  Through this approach, we are able to develop our services to ensure that we meet the needs of everyone involved.”

Following the success of this first event, the charity is planning to hold similar events for renal patients over the coming months.


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