Funded Projects

Funded Projects

Since the Paul Popham Fund’s inception in March 2013 we have funded the following projects:

  • 6 I-Pads for Morriston Hospital Renal Unit-this has allowed the patients to relax while on dialysis. A treatment can last from 3 hours to 8. While dialyzing the treatment can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Some patients are lucky enough to cope with the treatment while others find it increasingly difficult. I-Pads will help to distract them.
  • 40 renal friendly recipe books and a cookery course using these patients with the books
  • On the way – BCM Monitor, being funded in December 2015
  • Medical Tables for renal patients in Morriston Renal Unit
  • Children’s Dialysis Chair, being funded in January 2016

  • 35 Magnifying lamps for home dialysis patients in South Wales.


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