Kidney Transplant patient, Geraint John, to walk 23 miles at home to raise funds for renal support

The recent story of 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore and his incredible fundraising walk in the garden has been an inspiration to many during this period of lockdown. One of those inspired to get up and do something to help raise funds for the nations struggling charities is our very own Paul Popham peer mentor, Geraint John.

Geraint, a kidney transplant recipient, will quite literally be ‘stepping up’ to raise funds by walking an amazing 50,000 steps in one day. The distance he will cover will be around 23 miles, and Geraint estimates this will take him approximately 9 hours. Geraint’s plan is to start the walk at 7am on Thursday 24th April and aims to raise at least £250.

The money raised will be split, with 50% of the funds going towards providing peer support to kidney patients, and the other 50% being put towards hot meals, drinks, snacks and vital equipment for NHS staff in Morriston Hospital Dialysis Unit.

No stranger to long walks, 65 year-old Geraint, who lives in Tonna, Neath, has previously walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall, the ancient Roman defence barrier in Cumbria, and clocked up a distance of 95 miles over five days in order to raise funds for the Morriston renal unit.

The vital funds raised from Geraint’s home-isolation walk on 24th April will continue to ensure that kidney patients receive much-needed peer support and are able to gain information and advice from others who have experienced similar difficulties. It will also go some way to ensuring that the NHS staff in Morriston dialysis unit are supported with the provision of meals, drinks and vital equipment.

Geraint was diagnosed with kidney disease in January 2003, after complaining of what he thought were muscle pains, and underwent a transplant just eight months later, he said:

“I was remarkably lucky to have a transplant so soon, and to be able to go on to lead an active life. Most of us may complain about being stuck in lockdown at the moment, but it’s worth remembering that people with chronic kidney disease, requiring dialysis, are unable to completely self-isolate. They need to attend hospital three times a week to receive their dialysis treatment.

“That is why I want to take this opportunity to raise some much-needed funds to help support people in this situation, and also as a way of thanking the Morriston renal unit for what they have done for me and continue to do for others. Their care has been life-changing.”

Geraint’s wife, Val, will be taking pictures of Geraint and keeping us up to date with his progress during the day, so, we’ll let you know how he gets on.

Though Geraint’s aim is to raise at least £250, with Captain Tom’s amazing 27 million pounds and counting, the sky is the limit, so please dig deep.

Please donate at Geraint’s Walk Local Giving page:


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