Kind donation helps to magnify home treatment

Family and friends have made yet another donation to Morriston Hospital’s
renal unit in memory of a former dialysis patient.
Paul Popham spent many years on dialysis there before he passed away in
Since then the tireless fundraising efforts of family and friends have seen
many donations made to the unit.
Their latest fundraising efforts have enabled them to buy 35 magnifying
lamps for patients to use at home.
Nell Brown, senior speciality manager nephrology services at Morriston
Hospital, said:
“Patients who are on home dialysis machines need to connect to a
fistula, which is a joining of a vein and artery to create a bigger,
stronger blood vessel.
“Two needles are inserted into the fistula. One takes the blood away
from the dialysis machine and the second returns the blood to the
Patients on home dialysis have to insert these needles into themselves
between three and seven times a week. This can be tricky, and it’s
sometimes difficult to see the fistula.
Nell added:
“These magnifying lamps will make easier for home patients to see
the fistula, and insert and remove the needles correctly.

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