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Our Work

1238172_736526893047607_950646235_nThere are around 10.000 people with renal disease in Wales and more at risk. Whilst renal failure predominantly affects people in the later stages of their life there are still a lot of young children and teenagers who suffer with renal failure on a daily basis. With the NHS Wales facing a challenge of responding to a growing demand for renal services in the face of an ageing population and finite resources the Paul Popham Fund aims to support the NHS through it’s network of Dialysis Wards, supporting them purchase items that will directly benefit the renal patients quality of life while in their care. Paul Popham was forever grateful for the service the NHS provided him throughout his illness, he was very mindful that without their support he would not have lived as long as he did. Even when faced with not being able to receive the treatment he needed from the NHS when diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer he would only instill how grateful he was of the NHS.

Paul’s ethos was based around ‘believing in yourself’ and living the best possible life you could with the resources available to you. His main goal was to ensure his family were always provided for and were happy. Paul was lucky that he could work and had a supportive Wife and Family. He was very aware that some patients were not as fortunate as him and he would support the Welsh Kidney Patients Association whenever he could. As a result of this The Fund supports the Welsh Kidney patients Association administer applications for welfare support. The Welsh Kidney Patients Association has the Paul Popham Fund’s main aim very much in the forefront of their mind, ensuring the Renal Patients Quality of Life is better when their application is approved.

It is our aim to ensure that we support ALL renal patients in Wales receive a better quality of life. While The Fund is in its infancy we predominantly support renal dialysis patients this will extend to renal cancer patients as we grow and develop.

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