Paul Popham Running Club Hits the Vegas Strip

18 members of the Paul Popham Running Club took part in the las Vegas rock ‘n’ roller marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k event last weekend..

Founder of the Running Club, Joanne Popham, always had the ambition to run the New York Marathon to celebrate her 50th birthday. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get places in the New York Marathon which welcomes runners from all over the world, so she chose to do something a bit different – a run along the infamous Vegas Strip.

Jo will also be using this race as part of her training and build up to her first marathon in her 50th year – the 2020 London Marathon. She will be running this marathon with other members from the club who also run Vegas: Steve and Lisa Arnold and Amber Brundle.

Commenting on the Vegas run, Jo said, “I really wanted to do something momentous for my 50th birthday and the New York Marathon was top of my bucket list. As this wasn’t possible, while on a training run at the beginning of this year with one of our club leaders and coach, Steve Arnold, he suggested Vegas. I can’t quite believe it has come around so quickly and can’t thank Steve enough for organising this iconic trip for the club.

“Nineteen of us went out there – 18 runners and one supporter.  One of the team, Leigh Beasley, ran his first ever marathon; three ran the 10k (Nicola Probert, Mario Moruzzi and Abigail Hewitt): while the rest of us ran the half marathon (myself ,Steve and Lisa Arnold, Dave Bivens, Donna Ford also her first half, Anna Powell, Amber Brundle, Simone Evans, Dean and Andrea Matthews, Melissa Ferreira, Jos O’Sullivan Andrea Thomas and Kasia Luszczki. We’d also like to give a big thanks to our team supporter Stephen Rees.

“It was just fantastic to see so many come from learning to run to now participating in many half marathons and to have the opportunity to run such an iconic race – an amazing experience for us all. We ran the strip as one team – ladies in Welsh Flag Skirts and gentleman in welsh flag shorts!”

We flew to Vegas on 13th November and ran the races on19th November 2019. Any funds raised from this run will go to the Paul Popham fund.



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