Paul Popham Volunteer fundraiser gets help from Swansea City FC

One of our volunteers has reached out to players at his favourite football team, Swansea City FC, to help him raise money for our charity during the down-turn in … Continue reading

Shielding and mental health Q&A

The past 7 months has been a difficult and worrying time for us all, but for people who were advised to shield, this introduced additional challenges.

Last week we took part in a Shielding/Mental Health Q&A with Dr Catherine O’Leary, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Jamie Bowen and Alison Salter, kidney … Continue reading

Top 4 tips to help anxiety

It is very understandable – even expected –that you might be feeling anxious, depressed or even fearful about going outside and doing many of the things you took for granted before the Pandemic started.
The idea of returning to the wider world can feel even harder if you’ve got … Continue reading

5-step personal risk assessment for ‘un-shielding’

Since the 16th of August, government advice has been that those who have previously followed shielding advice no longer need to do so, unless expressly advised otherwise by a medical professional.

Some transplant patients and those on the waiting list may have been advised to continue, so please clarify with … Continue reading

Worried sick report and follow up survey

Back in May, a survey was launched to better understand the impact the coronavirus pandemic has been having on your lives. This meant we could focus our support on the issues that are most important to you, and ensure your concerns were raised at the highest level of the NHS … Continue reading

First Home Therapies Virtual Q&A – Explore and give it a go!

We are pleased to share our very first Kidney Patient Information Virtual Q&A. This virtual discussion is a general overview of home therapies, where one of our Peer Mentors, Hayleigh Isaac, shared her personal experience of home hemodialysis with Gail Williams, Lead Nurse of the Welsh Renal Clinical Network, and … Continue reading

Let us know how COVID-19 is affecting your life

Kidney Care UK, Kidney Wales and the Paul Popham Fund are working hard to support kidney patients in Wales through the coronavirus pandemic.

We’d like to understand how COVID-19 is affecting your life to make sure we’re supporting you as best we can and raising the most important concerns with … Continue reading

Paul Popham Fund bring afternoon tea to Morriston Hospital Renal Unit

We’re proud to say that we, the Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales, delivered 320 afternoon tea boxes to Morriston Hospital Renal Unit, to lift the spirits of patients and staff on … Continue reading

Befriending service changes its name to Peer Support Service

Service Name Change

The Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales, relaunched its Befriending Service on the 26th June 2016 in conjunction with the Renal Services at Morriston Hospital. Since that day, the service has grown from strength to strength, offering people with kidney disease a support service from people like … Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Name Change of the Befriending Service

The Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales has been facilitating the Befriending Service since June 2016, prior to this it was facilitated by the Psychology Department, University Hospital Wales Cardiff and supported by the WKPA.

 July 2019

In July 2019 we held a meeting to review the name of the … Continue reading