Welfare Grant Funding Guidelines

Period from 27th March 2020, during the current health crisis


  • Kidney Patients 18 years and over
  • Parents and/or Carers of a Kidney Patient 17 years and under

Eligibility Criteria

Our welfare grants programme primarily provides grants for essential personal and household needs to assist kidney patients with low incomes, particularly those living on benefits.  In addition funding is available for aids that will benefit the applicant in the home.

How Much Can I Apply For

There is a maximum value of £150 per application.

How Do I Make An Application

  • Must complete a welfare grant application form, call 0333 2001 285 or email enquiries@paulpophamfund.co.uk to request a form
  • Can not have applied for a grant within the last 12 months
  • Has to be signed off by a Clinician
  • Email form to us – enquiries@paulpophamfund.co.uk

What Do I Do If I Need Help Completing the Form

  • Call our support line: 0800 038 8989

How Are Grants Paid

  • The charity may pay the supplier direct.
  • Vouchers may be purchased for goods or services.

Exceptional Circumstances

  • The Trustees will review no more than 5 grants for exceptional circumstances that are over the normal grant value. Please note, each case will be considered on its own merit and, unfortunately, there is no guarantee of success


  • Due to the current situation we find ourselves in grant applications will be heard by the Trustees via email and decisions made weekly.
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