WJEC Enterprise Challenge

The Paul Popham Fund has been approved by the WJEC Enterprise Community Challenge at Key Stage 4 of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

The aim of the Community Challenge is to develop learners’ skills, whilst encouraging learners to identify, develop and participate in opportunities that will benefit the community. During the Community Challenge learners will explicitly develop skills of Planning and Organisation and Personal Effectiveness and apply them in an appropriate manner.

Our challenge is for pupils in teams to develop a charity support programme that will make a difference to renal patients and their families across Wales.

Pupils will need to research and develop their own knowledge and understanding of the Paul Popham Fund. They will need to plan and organise how they will spend 10 hours across a programme of activities promoting, raising funds and supporting the work of the Fund by promoting the charity within a local school or community: organising and carrying out a fundraising activity; actively supporting the charity, all within a specific timescale.

This Challenge will enable pupils to develop as effective and responsible members of the local community. In completing the Community Challenge, participants will be able to recognise the contributions they can make towards improving the community in which they live and the benefits this will have for themselves and for others. They will need to demonstrate how they can create and manage an action plan when developing opportunities for the community and, with the use of feedback, reflect and review their personal performance in planning and carrying out the activity

Says Joanne Popham, Chair of the Paul Popham Renal Fund Wales, “As like many other charities, the Paul Popham Fund relies on public support. Without this support we would not be able to operate and help the community.

“We very much look forward to assisting the pupils in their challenge and evaluating their support programme recommendations”




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