Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns

Children’s Kidney Centre

We are delighted to be supporting the Children’s Kidney Centre (CKC), by raising in excess of £130,000 to help them refurbish their outpatient department.

The CKC based in The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales provides outpatient services and is the base for ambulatory service for children requiring renal replacement therapy, including pre and post-transplant care. The unit is supported by having access to paediatric critical care and surgical services on site. There are strong links with the Bristol Children’s Hospital which provides the regional paediatric transplant surgical service. The unit offers a multi-disciplinary team approach with a strong outreach service enabling high-quality care to be provided close to home.

Our Trustees visited the Children’s Kidney Centre and were shocked to see the area that children and their families had to visit for their outpatient appointments; they feel that to have such an illness when young is hard enough to cope with, to then come to a support clinic that is dark and gloomy due to very little light is quite distressing. Sympathy was also felt for the clinical team who work within the unit on a day to day basis. Our Trustees felt so passionate that they agreed to support The Children’s Kidney Centre and raise funds for the refurbishment.

The refurbishment will make such a difference here are some comments from the charity and parents:

“As a parent, I can imagine how devastating it must be for your child to have a serious condition like kidney failure. To then have to take them to a dark and dismal place to have treatment/ tests just exacerbates the situation. This is why I and the board of trustees at PPF, are proud to support the fundraising initiative to raise monies to refurbish the Children’s Kidney Centre, Cardiff. The renovation of CKC will ensure a bright and more welcoming place for the children to visit; improving the whole experience for them and their parents.” – Lynne Orton, Chair of Trustees.

“The renovation will make the regular trips that Ffion and other children make to the Centre a more positive experience.” – Julie Mein, Mum of Ffion Mein.

“Our son, Harry, has been a patient at the Children’s Kidney Centre since he was 2 years old. Harry was on dialysis for a couple of years and is now a year post-transplant. The care he has received from the team in Cardiff and Bristol has been incredible. Unfortunately, the only way to test kidney function and any other related issues is by giving blood and urine samples, which can only be taken at the hospital. For a child and their family, this can be traumatic and very distressing especially as it’s on a regular basis. The refurbishment will help to make his and our experience a better one.” – Karen Wier, Mum of Harry Wier

The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales is always reviewing the Children’s Kidney Centre’s service delivery to endeavour to deliver the best experience for children and their families. The upgrade of this accommodation and surrounding corridors will greatly enhance the experience for not only children and their families with renal disease but will improve experiences for all families using the internal entrance to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital. The Children’s Kidney Centre supports Dialysis Treatment covering patients throughout South Wales. The Charity is therefore pleased to be supporting this project.

The Charity was due to commence the fundraising campaign at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of securing the funding within 12months. That date should have been December 2020. Due to the pandemic the campaign, as with all third sector funding, took a big hit!

The Charity’s aim is to raise the total needed, £132,033, by March 2022. To support the fundraising campaign PPF have recruited a Fundraising Committee chaired by Julie Mein, who will be supported by the Fundraising Manager at Paul Popham Fund.

If you would like to find out more about this project, what fundraising projects and events are taking place, how you can get involved and help this campaign please contact:

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