First Home Therapies Virtual Q&A – Explore and give it a go!

First Home Therapies Virtual Q&A – Explore and give it a go!

Date: 11 August 2020 | By: paul

We are pleased to share our very first Kidney Patient Information Virtual Q&A. This virtual discussion is a general overview of home therapies, where one of our Peer Mentors, Hayleigh Isaac, shared her personal experience of home hemodialysis with Gail Williams, Lead Nurse of the Welsh Renal Clinical Network, and Joanne Popham, CEO of the Charity.

The video clip is 30 minutes long. Please give us your feedback and let us know what other Q&A’s you would like us to provide information on.

We also have a downloadable pdf of this Q&A which you can get by clicking on the link below.

Click here to download the PDF

Please bear in mind that this Q&A is based on personal experiences and is not to be used as a clinical guideline. The opinions provided throughout the discussion and within the document reflect personal views of participants and should by no means be used to change dialysis prescriptions without seeking professional consultation.

We advise all patients to seek approval from their appropriate supervisors and their renal consultants before making any changes to treatment or care.