Our Exercise for Health Group Christmas Walk 19th December

Our Exercise for Health Group Christmas Walk 19th December

Date: 13 December 2021 | By: paul

For the past four years, our Walk for Health Group has united those with a connection to kidney disease and a love for keeping fit, creating an environment for dialogue, support and comradery.

A complete no-pressure environment that encourages any level of participation and each contribution is respected equally.

In the past year, the group has evolved and moved to primarily online-based, the activities, following feedback from our Group, have also changed, it is no longer limited to just walking. We are now seeing people using static bikes, rowing machines and even exercise regimes, which saw the birth of the name: Exercise for Health.

The calculation of distances covered has also evolved to incorporate the different exercise activities, meaning 20 minutes of exercise will equal one mile of distance, whether that be Aqua Aerobics, Active Dance, swimming etc. etc.

The primary aim of our Exercise for Health team is to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Walkers’ exercise contributions are tracked anonymously in order to calculate the mileage covered.

How it typically works is that each time a group member completes a walk, swim, cycle, yoga etc, they provide an update of the distance covered or duration that they exercised for (minutes or hours).

The group had to adapt and evolve as COVID restrictions caused disruptions to planned walks. Instead, it pivoted to provide virtual routes that covered famous roads/trails/routes from around the world like the Silk Road, Appalachian Trail, Route 66, Climbing Everest, and more.

The benefit of this virtual offering is that it encourages participation at all fitness levels, as it can be done in your own home if you would prefer not to venture out at the time being, in your own time, at your own pace. Our Team stay in touch through a WhatsApp group, sharing words of encouragement, jokes, updates and spectacular images of the “tours” that they are all a part of. We also have our very own Mr Motivator in the group, Geraint John.

The Group's next physical get together event will be its Christmas walk around Fendrod Lake, Valley Way, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA6 8RN, Sunday, 19th December at 9 am, meeting at the Lake Car Park. This is a great opportunity to meet people involved with the charity, kidney patients and their families. More importantly, you will meet our current members of the Exercise for Health Group, and get some exercise before the Christmas period.

Peer mentor, Geraint John, said:

“The evolution of the Exercise for Health group has been astonishing. To think that we now have near enough 30 members, and our Team have covered unbelievably large (combined) distances from the comfort of our own homes, local areas, which brings such a great sense of achievement.

"We are so proud of everybody involved, those who contribute 1 to 2 miles per week and those able to achieve more. Regardless of fitness levels any and ALL contribution's are a win for us and we are always looking for new friends to join our TEAM in Our Exercise for Health Group."

To find out more or to join our team, contact our Exercise for Health Leader, Geraint John on 07488236637, or email Alternatively, you can call The Paul Popham Fund on 0333 200 1285 or email