Our Peer Mentors attain Agored Accreditation

Our Peer Mentors attain Agored Accreditation

Date: 20 January 2021 | By: paul

We, the Paul Popham Fund, are thrilled to announce our recent achievement of Agored accreditation for our Peer Mentor Training Program. This means that from January 2021, all volunteers undertaking the Peer Mentor Training Program will achieve a recognised qualification in Peer Mentoring.

Agored accredited qualifications have been developed in partnership with a wide range of organisations from the Welsh Government to sector skills councils, meaning that they meet regulatory requirements, are aligned to the respective frameworks, and meet national education priorities.

Our Peer Support Service, previously known as the Befriending Service, was developed in 2015, and links people living with kidney disease (Peer Mentors) with newly diagnosed patients, or those experiencing difficulties. Our Peer Mentors use their lived-experience to share knowledge, information and advice, as well as providing much-needed emotional support.

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support refers to support from a person who has knowledge, from their own experiences, of a condition. Within the context of kidney disease, Peer Support is support that typically comes from a person with kidney disease or a person affected by kidney disease – for example, an immediate family member or caregiver.

The service works closely with Renal clinical teams and networks throughout Wales, to complement and enhance other health care services by creating the emotional, social, and practical assistance necessary for managing the disease and staying healthy.

Joanne Popham, our CEO, explained:

“Receiving Agored accreditation is a fantastic achievement for the charity, which highlights the quality of our volunteer training program. Our fantastic volunteers give up their time to support fellow patients, and we are pleased to be able to provide them the opportunity to gain this qualification in Peer Mentoring as recognition of their commitment to the charity and Welsh kidney patients”.

Shaun Thomas, Renal Youth Worker, and member of the Paul Popham Fund Peer Support Steering Group, added:

“We are very proud to hear that the Paul Popham Fund Peer Support Training has received accreditation status from Agored Cymru. This highlights the hard work, high standards and professionalism the charity has dedicated towards the project. It will allow the participants who complete the training to gain a formal qualification and further benefit from being trained as a Peer Supporter. Fantastic news and congratulations to all involved.”

Geraint John, one of our Peer Mentors, said:

“The achievement of gaining accreditation is just reward for the effort put into the Peer Mentor training course by Team Paul Popham. As a Peer Mentor, it also reinvigorates our passion to keep improving”.

For more information, or to inquire about becoming a volunteer Peer Mentor, call 0333 2001 285