Paul Popham Fund Re-brand

Date: 6 December 2021 | By: paul

The Charity is changing its name!

At the end of 2020 Trustees of the Paul Popham Fund asked the questions:

·         Does the name of The Charity say what we do?

·         Do people know that The Charity supports people with Kidney Disease?

·         Do people know what Renal means?

·         Does the word ‘Fund’ in the name confuse people – to think we give money out?

·         Do we need to change the name to clearly explain what The Charity does?

This year the Trustees decided to do something about it. They consulted an outside organisation called Cranfield, created a working group to discuss the questions raised above and asked the kidney community of Wales what their thoughts were. Through these consultations the Kidney Community decided on the following name:

Popham Kidney Support

You are not alone!

Popham - Keeps the history of The Charity, Kidney clearly states who we support and the word support says what we do for those people. The strapline says that The Charity provides support so that they are not alone in their journey!

The Charity then consulted a graphic designer to create a brand design that captures the new name and ethos. Four designs have finally been selected for voting by our kidney community in Wales. Each design incorporates the handwriting of Paul Popham himself – capturing the history of the charity and why it was started.

We would now like to ask you, the Kidney Community of Wales, which design do you think reflects The Charity name and incorporates the ethos of the charity.

Could you consider the four designs and choose your preferred option.

The Survey Closes on Friday 10th December 2021 and the winning brand announced at The Charity's end of year Supporters Celebration on the 15th December 2021!

Thank you in anticipation of your selection!

Lynne Orton, Chair of Trustees