Shielding advice for children

Recently families have received further shielding letters for children with kidney disease.

Dr Graham Smith confirmed that these were sent out in error and if patients need to shield, they will have been informed by their consultant.

Please check the Welsh Clinical Network for Paediatric Nephrology website for the correct and up to date advice for children with kidney disease.

To view the latest information and advice go to:

If families have and concerns or queries, they can speak to their consultant during their clinic appointment.

For further information call 0800 038 8989

The past 7 months has been a difficult and worrying time for us all, but for people who were advised to shield, this introduced additional challenges.

Last week we took part in a Shielding/Mental Health Q&A with Dr Catherine O’Leary, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Jamie Bowen and Alison Salter, kidney transplant recipients.

In this video, Jamie and Alison share their experience of shielding, and provide insight into how this affected their day-to-day life and their wellbeing.

Thank you to Catherine, Jamie and Alison for taking part in this Q&A.

Here at the Paul Popham Fund, we just wanted to let you know of some communications that have been released last week in the run-up to the 16th Aug, after which those of you that have been shielding will no longer need to do so.

From Monday the 10th and every day last week the Chief Medical Officer of Wales has been appearing in a video answering questions from those that have been shielding. These videos appeared on Facebook and Twitter and are still available to view. Please see links below.

Links to Mondays video – Shielding will be paused:

Links to Tuesdays video – Question: Can I cuddle my grandparents?

Links to Friday’s Video – Question: Is it safe to go back to work?

On Tuesday 11th an infographic was also published on WG social media with helpful tips/advice for those who will no longer be shielding.


Also, on Sunday 16th August the updated WG guidance and an FAQ’s doc was published on the Welsh Government Website.